Friday, 11 April 2014

What Happened At Midnight

This is a poem I wrote last midnight.  (Yes, how surprising.)


It was midnight
And I could not sleep.
So I sat up in my bed
And rubbed my eyes.
I could see elves outside my window,
Flying on Santa’s reindeers,
With gifts wrapped in white-and-blue paper
And shimmering bows,
Houses of candies
And a palace of chocolate and bubblegum
That had no windows.
The air was filled with
The sugary smell of
Waffles in syrup
And caramel pieces
In whipped cream.
And then my sleeping mind
Woke up
And I realized
It had all been just a dream.
But who ever said
That dreams cannot be real?

 - Vruta Gupte

See y'all on the next post!

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