Sunday, 20 April 2014



Sometimes I feel
Inadequate to face life
I feel everyone
Is smarter, happier, better
Than me, and I wonder if it is true.
I try
To console myself
With the thought
That each one of us bears
A different soul inside of ourselves
And so none of us can ever be the same.
None will see the world as I do—
A happy place that can mend its many flaws and survive, earn respect, even.
None will be like me—
Calm, mellow, silent, yet infectiously happy
Or at least that is how I perceive myself to be.
I sit here
Imperfect as I am
Braving the world, ever-changing, full of its cruelties
And I realize
That to survive in this noisy, chaotic, unplanned universe
You must first find within yourself
Your silence.

-Vruta Gupte.

(I wrote this a few days ago.  It's sad, but it describes almost perfectly how I felt at the time.)

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