Thursday, 27 March 2014

More Flowers!

So in my post 'My Experiments With Gardening', I said I'd explain the system we use to water the plants in our garden.

Here goes...

The system basically uses capillary action to ensure that plants get enough water to last them for a day or two.  You get special Water Smart Pots divided into two parts--one-fifth of the pot is a chamber for storing water and the rest is for soil.  The two parts are connected by a porous membrane so that plants' roots can take up water from the soil.

You pour water into the tank through a pipe attached to the pot...

...And as soon as the tank is full, excess water comes out through a small hole near the base of the pot.

Then you get these beautiful flowers....

(This one isn't from our garden--but I just had to put it in here.)


See y'all on the next post!

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