Saturday, 10 May 2014

André Luiz's Music

So I found André Luiz's channel today, actually--he is one incredible guitarist!  He's covered pop/ rock songs on guitar and uses his guitar for percussion too.  Here are some of his videos:

Coldplay--Viva la Vida--Guitar and Percussion cover by André Luiz

Coldplay--Paradise--Guitar and Percussion cover by André Luiz

Guns N' Roses - Patience [Cover Acoustic Guitar solo] by André Luiz Channel Guitar Percussion Cover

(I haven't heard the original version of this song yet....This cover is awesome!)

You gotta check out the others too! (I've heard Guns n' Roses' name only once and twice on the Internet, but it looks like they're an extremely famous band.  You will forgive me for living under a rock.)

Enjoy the good music, and see you guys on the next post!  Cheers!

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